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Radio Gets Wild Rose Cottage, Grimston Rd, Gayton, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE32 1PG England

To all Indie and unsigned Artists:

To view full promotion & book on line go here
Are you fed up with your demos being binned or waiting weeks before getting any response, let alone if your lucky enough to get your song played on-air.
Radio Gets Wild would like to present you with the possibility of 100% guaranteed air-play with you at the controls.
No we have not gone mad, we are offering Air-time by the hour and the chance to learn how to stream and present your own show promoting your music just the way want it. or have you music played x amount of times during a week to run along side your promotion.
You can send e-mails to labels and all within the industry to hear your presentation a unique and very different approach for making your music to be heard they way you want.
All this from the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world.
 The broadcasting software also lets you record your show for further airplay or promotion or even placed on your website for your fans to download. It saves file as MP3

Price includes all software needed of which you get to keep for your use in the future Don't forget the more you push your name out the more chances you have of being booked for many gigs over and over.. So this is a great investment opportunity

Computer spec needed:
P4 700 min with 128 ram Mic and speakers, Soundcard must have in windows volume recording, stereo mix or what you hear or wavmix

Music and presenting must be swear free as this is a G-rated family station:
Music not accepted Hiphop or Rap
CD or Demo of your music to be sent to us for previewing  before booking accepted:
You must be the author of the music you are presenting or record label you are assigned to.


Packages Prices::1 Free
Release CD sent to head office album played at DJs discretion FREE

Single Track release played 8 times a week £30
Single Track release played 20 times a week with front page press release on RGW website £50
Single Track Release played 30 times a week, With front page press release on RGW website, Banner advert 10,000 views Â£90

Set up fee £35
1 hour session £150
2 Hour session Â£250
1 hour session £125
2 Hour session Â£200

Price includes all software needed of which you get to keep for your use the future.
Applications are now being accepted please send us an e-mail for further details to
Things we will need: Album cover thumb-nail, Your Bio, 2 Pictures of you, Your web-link, Your buy now buttons link for your CD.
How to make the most of your promotional broadcast and gain Artist bookings:
If people have not heard you then give them the opportunity
Email all your local hotels or places that have potential artists with RGW web address your broadcasting times of which you can be heard.
Local flyers and posters
Contact new agencies
Record labels
Artist managers
Local Venues
Earn Money with RGW by becoming an  affiliate Selling on line air-time sponsorships and advertising packages.

This and much more check out the promotion today.

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