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Hi and welcome to the ARTIST GROUP

The Artist group is for the Indie and Unsigned artists a place there where they can contact each other easily and make new friends.


  1. Private Messaging

  2. Instant Messaging

  3. Artist Forum

  4. Artist Newsletters

  5. Private Download section

  6. Hints and Tips on how to promote yourself on the RGW website

What do I have to do to become a member and does it cost anything: Membership is free simply join by filling in a RGW user account form.

You must be a an artist either Solo or in a band or an entertainer

  • Simply Join Radio Gets Wild

  • Join the artist group by choosing on the main menu under Home heading Join a Group or go here if already logged in

  • From the drop down combo box choose Artists.

  • Admin will then view your application and give you clearance within 24 hours

and that's all there is to it enjoy

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