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All transactions are made on a secure independent server (Shareit)

 Artists offer your Fans Ring Tones of your music to either pack as an extra with your CD's or to sell and create extra income to assist in your next recording session for your forth coming album

Backed up with radio airplay and plugs to assist in sales.

There are three packages of tones 10, 20, or 30 Ring Tones any more please contact for quotes

e-mail our Artist Director with your Press Kit

Present and sell your tracks and albums via mobile phones, Each ring tone is meta-tagged with the full album details and the buy now link. It's already been proven by many artists that this method of marketing is increasing Indie and unsigned artists sales. Fans send their favourite ring tones to their friends which brings them into awareness of your music. Your ring tones don't have to be just your tracks of the album why not present your own voice messages and answer-phone / call back messages. This is a must have sales and marketing service for any artist who is serious about making their mark in today's world of entertainment industry.

Go here for details on packages

What to do next

  1. Choose a package and follow the payment procedure there are 32 different currencies you can purchase your ring-tones with. All payment procedures are placed with a secure credit card finance company.

  2. Send an email to our Artist Dir with your press kit & tracks

  3. Tagging picture to your right we will need to have all the information for each and every track in the email you send.

  4. Place a recorded message with our voice message system: Hi This is (your Band/name) welcome to Radio Gets Wild you can purchase our ring tones by visiting (your website address)

  5. We will email your Ring-tones compressed in a zip file or loose All tones will be meta tagged with your Buy Now your latest album links so you fans can order your products via their mobile phones.

You can then either place rings as a freebie to your fans or sell then as a package or sell them separately. There are other types of mobile phone promotion packages,  we could create for you Mix-tones a mixture of your songs, Voice answer phone tones and welcome messages, Wallpapers for mobile phones.


Package 1

1) 10 Ring tones

  • Send us your Tracks or voice messages you would like converting and editing and a press kit for promotion on air radio

  • buy Now for only £159

Package 2

2) 20 Ring tones

  • Tracks you would like converting and editing and a press kit for promotion on air radio

  • Buy Now for only £259

Package 3

3) 30 Ring tones

  • Track you would like converting and editing and a press kit for promotion on air radio

  • Buy Now for only £299

Ring Tone Samples
A.B.O.F.A Dorian Castle Gaz Reynolds Karmyn Tyler Walter Trout

Further promotion of your product is possibly using the voice over as a main jingle on 3 International radio stations that air to 96 Countries. This will be wrapped up as different packages on how many times you would like it aired. i.e. 12, 18, 24 over a set period.

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