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LicenseQuote Music Licensing Solutions


LicenseQuote Music Licensing Solutions gives music publishers unlimited opportunities to license their copyrighted materials to the music, advertising and broadcast media industries for commercial usage including: sync, TV, cable, radio, advertising, film, video, theatre, corporate, websites, music on hold, plus many more innovative and custom-requested applications.

The LicenseQuote service gives media industry buyers direct access to the publishers and artist brands who are offering music licensing sales via the internet directly from their own websites, pages and blogs, etc.

LicenseQuote Mission Statement
The LicenseQuote mission is to pioneer the world's most powerful and cost effective self-managed music licensing solution for professional publishers (sellers) to enhance their opportunities for doing business directly with various media industry buyers.

LicenseQuote Business Philosophy

LicenseQuote is focused on creating unlimited direct licensing access points where publishers, artists, labels and buyers can do business as never before. A variety of LQ music licensing service plans provide a powerful array of self-managed sales and licensing tools to sellers and complimentary (free) self-service tools for buyers enabling both to trade efficiently and profitably over the internet on a global scale.

Michael Borges - Founder/CEO LicenseQuote
19049 Janisse Lane
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
Telephone:               (951) 678-5725       
E-mail: contact [at] LicenseQuote [dot] com


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