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Radio Gets Wild has a independent artists shows every Sunday 4-5pm Monday 8-10pm and Wednesday 8-10pm as more entries come in, these shows and times will be added to. Submissions will be played and featured on these shows. Also many broadcasters play artists releases though-out the week.

Music on demand when logged in as a member of RGW, choose music on demand. Independent shows are recorded so you will be able to listen to our embedded mp3 player at any time.

Artist search section will feature a song off your album along with your bio and pictures plus loads more features.

Coming Desktop Music on demand this is a small application that sit's on your desktop that updates when you go on-line and will have the latest awards winners placed on there. This application will be sent to record labels to listen to.

What you need for Live Interviews.

  • Microphone and speakers

  • Yahoo Messenger Download here

  • Once installed add user name radiogetswild you will receive further instructions from there


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