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Calling all  Artists of all music genre add your music mp3's to our charts and voting system as well as radio airplay ready for a CD album release in 2008

Radio Gets Wild has created a Download section for Artists MP3's with the following features and functions. Voting for software, Vote buttons for artists websites, Users comments, artists can download comments, Written reviews, Descriptions for software along with a screenshot and if needed a win-media player for any sound samples, artist editing for updating download links and descriptions, Top 10-50 most downloaded, Ranked and Rated by users.

There is an upload limit for files Uploading files max 2097152 kb and Uploading screenshots max 1048576 kb

All Submissions are first cleared with administration before being released on the website. This is a service that we would think that Artists would be looking for as well as our 4,000 strong membership. ( Our membership is free )  

To promote your music there is no cost we only ask a banner or radio player link exchange (Banner Links Here) (Add radio to your website here)

We have created sub-sections with these categories and more can be added  when needed. Bands, Duo's, Other, Solo Female, Solo Male, Trio's To help Artists place in there descriptions and screenshot along with sound sample of there music .  The download Artist Music section will be promoted live over air by our DJ Broadcasters and Music can be tagged to your website within the descriptions. With the Top 10-50 Artist Charts we are to release a CD compilation around the globe.. RGW Broadcasts live to 96 counties across 6 different continents


Add your Bio , Screenshot of your band, Mp3 Sample, Website link and CD BABY or where to buy Album link, Make download only have access to a certain group like artists or members, Song history of any changes you make, Written reviews, Statistic's, tell a friend which e-mail them much information vote for your song with voting buttons on your own website. Below is a sample we have set up of the Band A Breath Of Fresh Air

Artist Statistic's for downloading: Each artist upload has these features. Yearly Hits, Monthly Hits, Yearly Page Views Monthly Page Views


Screenshot of a Artist Music Submission


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