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Posted by radiogetswild on (3641 views)
Toronto, Ontario; Fusing classical, opera, pop and rock, Canada’s Rock Soprano Diva Patrizia has always been an artist that is hard to define or categorize. The new collection I Am Patrizia, to be released April 3, includes an iconic Queen song "Show Must Go On", a dance pop mix "I Won't Stop Believin'", the famous Carmen aria "Seduction" and one of the most difficult arias ever written Mozart's “Rage, Queen of the Night.”

{article/topic_title} Band: Andersen - One Nation Under A Groove

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Band: Andersen - One Nation Under A Groove


Danish band played on Afghan radio station

The Danish band “One Nation Under A Groove” has experienced something unique. An Afghan radio station has played songs from their debut album ”Guardian Angel”. Perhaps the songs are still on air throughout a country marked by turbulence


{article/topic_title} Helping Boost The Indie Music Revolution!

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Boston, MA -- If you're riding the wave of the indie music revolution you're about to get a huge boost. Music career coach Peter Spellman has just released the second edition of Indie Marketing Power: THE Resource Guide for Maximizing Your Music Marketing - a 388-page resource-rich handbook designed to help all music entrepreneurs navigate through the hundreds of marketing and promotional opportunities available today.

{article/topic_title} French LiLi Roquelin Releases EP, Entirely Funded By Fans

Posted by radiogetswild on (2211 views)

French Singer-songwriter-producer LiLi Roquelin's clear and captivating voice enchants listeners world wide. With her true, poetic and melancholic bilingual lyrics and the depth of emotion in her voice, LiLi stands as a musician who has a soul to share with the world.

{article/topic_title} Calling All Songwriters, The New York Songwriters Circle Wants You

Posted by radiogetswild on (2459 views)

New York, NY - The September 30th deadline for submissions to the New York Songwriters' Circle's (NYSC) annual Songwriting Contest is quickly approaching. For over 18 years such notable artists as Vanessa Carlton, Norah Jones, Gavin DeGraw, Jesse Harris, Lisa Loeb, Charlotte Sometimes, Avril Lavigne, John Oates and Chris Barron (of the Spin Doctors) have all been a part of this legendary circle.