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[img_l]images/w5small.png[/img] Approved for distribution by the Chinese authorities, the band has also reached distribution agreements with Japan and other far east countries.
[youtube]22NiifMOkgE[/youtube] SAN LUIS REY, CA: Having recently seen chart positions in the top 5 on a variety of internet based radio outlets, the band WORLD5, which has their debut album titled "Global Experience" being officially released in the United States on May 1st, now has the approval of the Chinese government to have their music distributed in their country, which also includes Hong Kong and Taiwan. The official release date will be determined at a later time after the official release in the west. "The Chinese government keeps tight control of the music industry through ownership of their broadcast media, the screening of lyrics for commercial music and direct control of performing sites" explains Raimund Breitfeld, songwriter and drummer of World5. "All lyrics, the bio and everything about the band were translated into Chinese and screened. Most of the songs heard on Chinese radio these days are uplifting ballads and gentle love songs. The music of WORLD5 is a blend of adult contemporary pop rock and ballads; the lyrics are definitely never offensive." In addition, the band has also agreed to terms for distribution in Japan which will be made available soon after the May 1st release date. Breitfeld notices a vast difference in how music is treated in the two countries. "There is a long tradition for western bands in Japan and many have become big in Japan. They are far ahead with music downloads on mobile devices, while China discovers new music visually through music videos and other media. The Chinese listen to music extremely with their hearts, while listeners from the west are also more technically minded" Breitfeld explains. The Chinese and Hong Kong music industry can draw a potential of audience of 1.4 billion from citizens in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Chinese communities in large cities around the world. Japan has a buying population of 126.5 million, making it the 11th most populous nation. Over 140 million mobile singles were sold in Japan in 2008, an increase of 26 per cent on the prior year (RIAJ) and is currently the World's second largest music market for downloads. "We love the way people listen to music in Far East, and with 'Global Experience' we will certainly be accepted by most of the listeners" Bretifeld states. # # # ABOUT WORLD5: The band WORLD5 consists of five close friends: Raimund Breitfeld (Gothenburg, Sweden), Don Bruner (San Diego, CA), Stephan Goessl (Munich, Germany), Steffen Goeres (Wellington, New Zealand), and Roland Childs (San Francisco, CA) who all have performed live together over the years but later found homes in separate countries. Having great chemistry and the advantage of the internet, the band is able to collaborate and create musically while communicating via Skype. The band's debut album "Global Experience" was produced by 16-time nominated and 4-time Grammy winning producer Randy Miller (Burt Bacarach, Destiny's Child, Kelly Rowland). [img_l][/img]


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