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When your mobile app is created it will be placed on all major stores and submitted to thousands of search engines and FFA website directories, exposing your mobile App to millions of people all over the world.

Your Mobile App once submitted to the app market place will take 2-3 weeks before being accepted by the stores.

By ordering a mobile app from us you will be adding a very powerful promotion tool one that you don't have to spend your time creating or looking after.

Advantages: With any mobile apps, to submit them to mobile app stores you have to have a paid account with each store, which can prove costly. With Us its all under 1 account and therefore saves you money, time and hassle.

Below is a list of the things we will need that can be featured in your mobile phone App.

  1. Website Url
  2. Any graphic Logos
  3. Any Photos that can be possible used.
  4. Any worded introduction
  5. Your contact details
  6. 1-4  RSS Feed urls this could be form press releases to merchandise shop
  7. 1-4  URL Facebook pages
  8. 1-4  Youtube accounts 
  9. 1-4  Twitter accounts
  10. 1-10 MP3 AUDIO urls for music tracks.
  11. You can also add Live streaming radio stations
  12. Do you have a website colour scheme so that the mobile App can be matching.

What else can the mobile App do: It can be added and embedded into 4 of the main browsers explorer,firefox ect. as well as being giving a landing page for your own website. Click here to see our live example


For one mobile app across all platforms is only £75 + £25 for the first years updates. Total = UK £100 or  US $160

The buy now buttons for paypal are below simple choose your currency.

After you have made a payment Please proceed to the order form and fill in as much information as possible. We will be in contact with you shortly after, for any additional information  we might need. Work on the App will conmence when we have recieved your infomation.

Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon

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