Promotional Advertising Radio & Website

Mobile Phone Apps


When your mobile app is created it will be placed on all major stores and submitted to thousands of search engines and FFA website directories, exposing your mobile App to millions of people all over the world.

Your Mobile App once submitted to the app market place will take 2-3 weeks before being accepted by the stores.

By ordering a mobile app from us you will be adding a very powerful promotion tool one that you don't have to spend your time creating or looking after.

Advantages: With any mobile apps, to submit them to mobile app stores you have to have a paid account with each store, which can prove costly. With Us its all under 1 account and therefore saves you money, time and hassle.

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Banner & Radio Advertising

 Banner advertising on the main front page rotation and jingle creation for radio airplay

This is all tied into a premium membership with a choice of adverting exposure packages Small Medium or large.

Payments are placed via PayPal in easy monthly instalments helping you to stretch your budget over the course of a whole year.

By spreading the cost over the year it gives you a great advertising promotional platform, so even if you do hit hard times you  can still get the word out there and promote and build and bring in new customers.

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Social Media Package

 Setting up an integrated social network of social sites is an extremely large amount of time consuming work, but once set up it's very rewarding and a very powerful promotional tool for any professional business.

For example e.g. R.G.W. belongs to 50 social networks that are integrated and by adding friends and possible new business clients, one message goes out to all without spamming anyone. Think about it. If you have 2,000 friends or possible contacts on each one that's 100.000 people your message is going across to.

Yes its time consuming setting up 50 profiles and adding your contacts but as they say a little a day goes a long long way.

Another Advantage is if you order one of the R.G.W. mobile phone apps many of the top social sites can be added into the phone app so your in constant contact. 

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Website Creation

 1-10 page website creation with drop down menus

Very clean and neat templates for all types of business

Hosting your website can be provided and even a domain name if you haven't already got one.
Lots of features can be added at your request


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