Update Progress


Jan - March 2012

* Updated Awards Section and joined up all awards into one.
* Updated face book page logo for all broadcasters
U/W DJ Maze upgrading shoutcast to version 2
U/W DJ Maze creating stream MP3 URL for mobile phones
* Updated Integrated Meet The Team the Welcome and DJ & Artist section.
U/W Typos & grammar for front middle section
U/W New special promotion offer for Artists Only.
U/W  Network to be wired up to a 8-way switching unit
*  DJ Meeting on line to be arranged date and time. (Urgent AGM MEETING)
* Products shops add more products using designs for UK & USA.
* More designs to be made for market place.
* Main drop down menu cleaned up
* New menu to be placed into myaccount section
* New basic playlister software already installed now (currently now learning how to use)
* New basic software to be tied into encoder.
* New Monitor stands for studio 2 x double 1 x single
* New 2 Broadcasting Mic stands
* Rewire of studio to cut down from 26 plugs.
* Webcam wire up
* Tutorial video for website.
* New set of Jingles to be created.
* CMS core to be upgraded to version 10 with facebook connect when it is released
* Shops product Designs re-uploaded for different market places in 14 different languages (Long term project minimum time 18 months for all 1,500 designs) 
*  All DJ Schedule profiles to be updated and upgraded useing new template design,
*  New templated e-mail promotion to be designed for head office and DJs
*  All Unused CMS modules to be uninstalled and removed