RGW is a strong family of people from all over the globe

who give there time to broadcast music as well as promoting Indie and unsigned artists. Listeners and members of all ages take part and once or twice a year travel from all over the world and meet up in real life.

So come and join us and take part in this amazing team of incredible people some of which have been with us for just over 10 years. Your find them in the chat room when a live DJ is on air.

Family is for Life so come and join in and make new friends today. Who knows you might even meet your future  husband or wife, as some have done just that and moved to another country to live.



Many Congratulations to Debseer from Florida  & Air guitar from Kings Lynn who tied the knot live on air.

Many Congratulations to DJ Leo from Texas and DJ Aussie Breeze from Australia who also tied the knot.

 USA / CA