Become a R.G.W Affiliate and earn free promotion and radio airplay credits

With our membership we have placed together some packages, so that even if you are strapped for cash in these hard economic times you can earn free premium membership time and promotion.

For Every new subscribed premium member you refer that signs up for a min of 6 months at the end of the 6 month you receive 1 month subscription free. So if you have managed to refer 12 new members you have an entire year free airplay and promotion along with all the other features on the website.

What does my membership fee help to cover?

It helps: R.G.W keep on-air and promoting new artists giving them the chance to be seen and heard and for us to provide new up and coming services to help further your promotion.

Why have you gone subscription based and not like you used to with direct paid services?

Due to: the shear size of the R.G.W. network we decided it would make life for everyone a lot simpler and above all else cheaper. We think it's by far a better package to let members , artists, businesses and broadcasters to have the opportunity of full on promotion for an entire year, rather then a set product or service promotion for a month or so, which works out to be a lot more expensive to do and organize.

Can I promote all my products throughout the year for my premium membership?

Yes: You can place your products and services with your own buy now links in the classified shop and classified Ad's place your details in the businessdirectory, (we will not have placed, adult products or services or anything considered offensive)

I am a complete computer novice can you offer any technical support for setting up my products or any other thing on the website, would there be any extra cost for this.

Yes: we offer remote desktop support, depending on the services you require at additional costs. We can provide a simple set-up, to a complete service. Cost will depend purely on how much time the job will take i.e. from placing a few products to placing 100. We use a professional service called Crossloop.

Can this subscription service actually save or even earn me some money:

Yes: It can save you hundreds of pounds or dollars and gives you a fantastic opportunity to earn money on the products and services you provide as well as giving you greater promotion and press coverage around the globe which will enhance your sales.

I have services to offer but I need art and graphics do you offer any:

Yes we do: Banners to headers or specialized product graphics to software promotion products. Please send an email with your requests for a quote, OR you can use the R.G.W E-card Sender with picture upload and online graphics editor with it's easy to use drop and drag to add effects and text.

Can I make a request for a new feature or service to be created on the website and how does that work:

Yes you can, as part of your subscription goes into a pot for future development. 1: You make a request for a new feature or service. 2: This is then placed for membership voting. 3: If the voting from everyone says yes we would like this feature, providing there is enough money in the pot, requests are then made to programmer developers for a quote. 4: The go ahead is given and development begins and the feature is placed.

I want to sponsor a radio show but don't have any voice-overs or jingles do you provide a service for this:

Yes: you can go two ways 1: use a paid professional service or if the money is tight 2: Use the R.G.W. on-line sound editor and have a go at creating one yourself. It has voice record music intro, loops and endings and is easy to use mouse drop and drag, and can be saved as an mp3.We can also offer a service to you to make up Jingles and Voiceovers.

With a Premium membership Can I place my advertising in my press releases, reviews, blogs:

Yes you can: it's simply another way you can earn money via your premium membership.

Will I be able to know how many people have read my submissions and promotion or even visited my products:

Yes: on every page submission it will show you how many page views also we will publish page view results within the forums.

As a Member / listener if I upgraded my account to premium  could I sponsor a radio show on behalf of a charity or organization to help promote them.

Yes you can: you would simply choose the DJ Show you wish to sponsor and clcik the subscibe paypal button.

As  a Premium Member can I add and offer my services on the Network

Yes: we can include you as an outside service, please send an email request for details.


I hope this has answered many of your questions if you have any further questions to ask please feel free to contact us.

Kindest regards


Tim Station Founder