Through the course of the last 12 years R.G.W. Network has progressed from an online community Radio station to a promotion platform for artist record labels and businesses in general.

We have promoted roughly 25,000 plus artists from around the globe offering radio airplay to full multimedia submission of News / reviews / videos/ blogs/ promotional software programs and much more.

This in turn gets picked up by search engines 500 news portals 250 rss portals and placed on over 50 plus social networks.

R.G.W. basic membership is free but we also offer a premium and premium plus membership on a monthly subscription. We have done much research on the internet and found many on-line promotional companies charging roughly 500-1,000 a month for sending out promotion. This makes it unaffordable for many who do not have the financial backing or sponsorship.

So we have decided to take a different approach to make it affordable to all, our subscriptions charges are only $15 - $30 or UK £10 -£20 per month and brings in great results. This offers a promotional platform for the entire year. (payments can be made monthly recurring via paypal)

So sign up for a free account today and take out a premium subscription and enjoy the many online services we have to offer, and have your products seen as well as heard around the globe.