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Whether your new to DJ Presenting or experienced R.G.W. Network has placed together a really great package.


  • You will learn many new skills from editing to presenting. 
  • We have put in place a small moderate monthly subscription which goes towards covering resource expenses, but it also offers you the chance to place your own sponsors for your show, which will cover your costs and earn you some extra money.
  • If you are with the network for 1 year you can request letters of reference for use of employment
  • Awards and certificates of achievement for time keeping, editing, promotion, social networking and much more.

R.G.W. network is a g-rated family no swearing on air or within music tracks

We do not air hip-hop, rap, screamo, this is left to the other stations who specialise in these music genre

for any further information you can download the Broadcaster guild lines here

Software is supplied and all the set up and configuration is done remotely from our desktop to yours.


Learn New Skills




Learn & Earn   

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Creating your own jingles, editing to website admin, press releases, live International interviews, music reviews and much more.


Achievement Awards for DJ presenters, Artists, and Businesses certificates Bronze, Silver, Gold and Supreme. These are awarded once a year on New Years Eve


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Placing your own local sponsors and advertisers into your show as well as being shown what internet money making services work