Radio Gets Wild, Rose Cottage, Grimston Rd, Gayton, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE32 1PG England

How to Apply by post, email or application form

  • You must be a member of Radio Gets Wild to apply Sign -up 

  • Once a member join the Artist Group

  • To Send in a copy of your Latest CD Album To the address above or use the application form for mp3s

  • E-mail your bio and 2-6 pictures make sure your web address and details are in the bio. Winners will be placed in the Artist Awards Section Send E-mail 

  •  Apply here for the award and you are all done. 



  • Bronze 15 -25
  • Silver    26 - 40
  • Gold      41 - 50

What we will be looking for. (each will be rated 1-10)

  • The music (Will be marked down if profanities are within lyrics and not given airplay this is a G rated station)

  • Album cover (Art work)

  • Album Cover (Text)

  • Website (design, content & interactive ness) website's that we will not allow Adult / porn content or hate sites

  • Value


What can I expect if I become an award winner:

  • Your award to place on your website. Each award graphic is made personally for the artist with the artist/ band name on

  • live air time on Internet radio.

  • Coding and links are placed on the award for verification

  • Auto submission for Supreme Artist award which is chosen at the end of the year

  • Submission for the possibility of a track for the RGW CD Compilation which is placed for world-wide promotion and distributed by Wildly Wicked World Records.

What can I do with the award:

  • Contact your local press let them know about the International Award after all you earned it. If featured in the press you will create more public awareness and possible work. Let us know if you get featured and send us the paper, we will place news on front page of the website with a link to yours.

  • Write a press promotion release about the award i.e. shout it out far and wide after all its your years of hard work you deserve it.

  • Purchase a certificate or Trophy  Then add it to your portfolio to show future clients.

  • Hang it on your bedroom wall and gloat

  • Your competition that's in the same town I bet not many of then can say to clients and bookers we have an International award

Purchase Your certificate £15 + postage


Purchase your trophy Bronze Silver or Gold

Unique metal star award in antique wood base finish. Very high quality. Free engraving Please allow 28 days delivery

Once a year supreme awards best band best solo artist, best male best female. This will be a once a year only. All winners of the awards below are auto entered. There will be main prizes along with the supreme awards. As well as a special broadcasted show giving a count down of the very best top 40 award winners.