About Premium Membership

We decided to cut out all individual services charges for promotion and pull together an all in one low cost subscription , so that Artists, Record labels and Businesses Companies can have a full on promotion not just for a few weeks but for an entire year.

This will have far greater results and give a much higher and better presentation of your services or the causes you support across a much wider audience and bring up far better results in the search engines.

The more information you submit the higher the results you will achieve, many of the R.G.W. artists and promotion companies that have submitted to R.G.W. and have been featured, have come back many times over complementing on the results to their own website stats.

Many artists and businesses was only having a few hits per month, on their own website promotion from a set country, but after being featured and placing press releases to R.S.S. feeds and gigs, the hits started rolling in from all around the globe, giving greater exposure to countries and places they have not been able to reach.

We promote in many different ways and formats (not just on the website)

R.G.W has now reached its tenth year and is still progressing in leaps and bounds embracing the very latest in many different forms of promotion.

Promotion is a serious business and not something you can afford to do half baked as it can become extremely expensive, so hence the small subscription fee per month so you can have the reassurance of knowing you have a full year of promotion that is made to cater for everyone's budget whether your a large company or a solo artist.

  • Submission software for search engines and RSS Feeds  
  • Radio toolbar
  • Mobile Phone Apps
  • Website design
  • Website Hosting
  • Design your own merchandice
  • Networked with 50 plus top social sites
  • Gadgets
  • Software products
  • Press release software
  • On air Jingles
  • Live Interviews
  • Podcasting
  • Music on demand Jukeboxes
  • Artwork and personalized graphics
  • Banners
  • Desktop Application Creation (customized to requirements)
  • plus much more all around the globe