Artist Promotion

Hello and welcome to all music artists around the world.

We have three types of artist membership here on the R.G.W. Network

  • Basic Membership which is free
  • Premium monthly subscription £10 - $15 from press releases to awards.
  • Premium plus subscription membership of £20 or $30 per month  gives you full support, branded radio shows & radio airplay, with tons of promotion alongside access to 220 countries around the globe.

All that we ask is for any tracks submitted to be kept clean from swearing and radio family friendly, also there is only few genres of music we do not cover on the network hip-hop, rap and screamo, anything else please use the artist music submission form.

By helping R.G.W with everything from voice over's,  press & reviews submissions and interviews you have been helping yourselves and many other artists. Now is the time to push forward with a premium or plus subscription per month and take your promotion and music to a whole  new level. This in turn helps us to help you so much more. 

Consistent website updates and new promotional services to schedule rotating playlists with stats to how many times you been aired.

an imagePremium or plus membership also places you for an award Bronze, Silver, Gold, and once a year supreme, The awards are given out thought-out the year with website badges and certificates to further your promotion and public awareness.

So help us to help you and sign-up and go premium today. About Premium

 Subscibe Packages